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Multipack Gallery is a contemporary art gallery  whose location is unknown.
The idea develops from a collaboration between the director, artist Pablo Bermudez, and his friend and architect Lorenzo Guzzini, who signs the planning.
It is financed by a well-known foundation which decides to remain anonymous for the moment.
The project responds to the will of its creators to make a series of exhibitions in which the link between the artists involved is exclusively social. Mutual knowledge of the artists involved is the only underlying theme that binds the works of art. Networking is the Fil rouge.
This idea stems from a reflection on the meaning of contemporary art today. Does it still make sense to talk about artistic currents? According to Bermudez and Guzzini, the type of communication that spreads the works of art is what today ties them, and what become itself a work of art. It is no longer about style or univocal thought.
Multipack is networking and it does networking: artists, gallery owners, collectors and guests are exclusively selected by the organizers, and led to the secret place through a series of clues.
The public can’t choose to visit Multipack, Multipack chooses the public.
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And it will find you.